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Lagbygget 2024: Aleksi Olavuo
2024-01-01 23:14
Foto: Christian Goßlar

Stockholm Mean Machines har gjort klart med den finska defensiva linjespelaren Aleksi Olavuo, närmast från tyska Berlin Rebels.

From Berlin Rebels to Stockholm Mean Machines. What made you decide to go to the Swedish Champions?
- After visiting Stockholm and meeting the coaches and the team I noticed how well the organization is run and how professional the approach to even the small things coaches had. I also felt that the defensive scheme coach Vasanoja runs fits me perfectly and allows me to utilize my athletic ability and creativity much more than most schemes. Adding to this that I feel that in this defense I get to be the focal point instead of the sacrifice, I’m excited to show what I can do.


What are you looking forward to with 2024 season?
- I’m looking forward to see how far this team can go with the recruiting that’s been taking place and to working with my new coaches and teammates towards the teams goals which will include no doubt nothing less than championships.


We have our own playlist on Spotify where the players can put one song each that gets them pumped up before a game. What’s your choice?
- 100 Shots by Young Dolph. Can’t go wrong with a classic.


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