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Mean Machines U17-coach 2023: Yerko Jorquera
2022-11-25 13:55

Stockholm Mean Machines is happy to announce Yerko Jorquera as the U17 head coach for the upcoming 2023 season.

Coach Yerko has 24 years experience playing and coaching American football in Sweden. He started his career off playing for the Telge Truckers and Halmstad Eagles. Coach Yerko then began his coaching career with the team where he first fell in love with the game, the Telge Truckers. Since then he has joined the SMM family where his children currently play on the U17 and U19 teams. Let’s get to know Coach Yerko a little better.


How do you feel about being the head coach of the U17 team?

– It feels fantastic to be at it again! We got the players, the staff and the knowledge. We just got to put it together as a unit.


What is your coaching vision?

– My philosophy has always been to develop players and athletes. We do that with discipline, accountability and hard work. As a coach I want to challenge my players to push themselves. As a team we need to be a united force that has the same vision and the same goals.


What is your future dream for the U17 team?

– To win! But you can win games and you can win experience. I want my players to grow as individuals and as players. Then we all win on the field and off the field.


SMM athletic director John Brunelle is very happy that Coach Yerko has accepted the role as the U17 head coach.


– I could not be happier to have Coach Yerko as part of the SMM youth coaching team. His wealth of football knowledge and level headedness is exactly what we need leading our U17 team. I know he will continue to develop the players and coaches making them the best possible versions of themselves this coming season. 

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