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Mean Machines U19-coach 2023: John Brunelle
2022-12-05 09:45

SMM is happy to announce John Brunelle as the U19 head coach – as well as the Youth Athletic Director - for the upcoming 2023 season. 

Originally from Canada John has been exposed to football his entire life. During his playing career through high school, university and as a semiprofessional player he was able to amass multiple championships. When he started his coaching career in Sweden it was with the Wäsby Warriors and Sollentuna Stars before taking a year off and then joining SMM as a coach for the past 4 years.


Congratulations John on the role of athletic director in the SMM youth division! How do you feel about the new task?

– Its tough for me to put a single feeling on this appointment but I would have to say they are all positive feelings. I do also feel a great sense of responsibility leading the youth division into its next phase. I also get excited thinking about all the great things we are going to accomplish at the youth level going forward. We have a great core of coaches who I know will help develop our players into the best possible versions of themselves.


What do you hope to contribute to SMM and the youth division?

– What I hope to contribute to the SMM youth division is structure for the coaches to use, knowledge for them to draw from, and finally goals for us to work towards that will take the youth division to the next level. Together with the coaches I know we will make a positive impact on our players lives both on and off the field.


How do you feel about being the head coach of the U19 team?

– I must be honest that I am a little nervous about it as I have never been a coach at this high of a level before, but I am also excited for the opportunity it presents. With this season marking the return of U19 to the SMM family I must make sure that we have a solid showing so that the future SMM U19 teams have a standard that they know they must meet.


What is your coaching vision?

– My vision is two parts. The first part is the team part. We must be a team that competes on a weekly basis no matter who the opponents are up until the final whistle blows. The second part is the culture. I want to create a culture of us (players and coaches) being “All In”. I want it to be a way of life with us. To me “All In” is about being committed to just doing the best you can no matter what the circumstances are. It’s about doing your very best on and off the field and it applies with the coaches too. They just need to take what they’ve got and do the best they can. Everyone just needs to be fully committed no matter the task at hand.


What is your future dream for the U19 team?

– Like I said above the U19s must be a team that goes ”All In”.  By doing this we will be a club that creates elite level athletes that can represent not only SMM but also nationally with the JLL and national teams. We also want to make it a habit of receiving the SM gold on a yearly basis because we have committed to being the best on and off the field.

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