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Lagbygget 2024: Tim Matthes-Paul
2024-01-11 13:33

Stockholm Mean Machines har gjort klart med den tyske linebackern Tim Matthes-Paul från Frankfurt Universe.

Ursprungligen från Rüsselsheim Crusaders anslöt Tim Matthes-Paul till GFL-laget Frankfurt Universe till säsongen 2021.


Welcome to Stockholm. What made you choose the Swedish champions?
- From the first meeting I felt like I’ve known the coach for ages, and I already felt a good vibe. The process and communication went really smooth the whole time and I always got answers for any questions. I like how the whole organization is build up from the sponsoring up to the players. I want to play at the heights level, and this clearly is what Stockholm stands for, as you can clearly see for the last couple of years.

What do you think you can bring to the team in 2024?
- I will bring a young and hungry player to the team who is putting his life on the field, football is more than just a game for me. I want to share my knowledge and experience with the other guys and grow with them.

We have our own Spotify list. What song do you want to add?
- Ehm, good question actually… I’ll bring a little bit of Germany and Frankfurt to Sweden so let’s go with Frankfurt ist rau with VEGA feat. LIZ.

Följ herrlagets Spotifylista här!

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