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Mean Machines huvudtränare 2020: Cory J Rahmings, U15

25 JAN 2020 17:02
"The players should be known as champions because they carry themselves like champions all the time, they practice like champions, they train like champions." Huvudtränare för Mean Machines U15-lag kommer under säsongen 2020 vara Cory J Rahmings.
  • Uppdaterad: 25 JAN 2020 17:02

What is your past experience of football and Mean Machines?
- I was the assistant defensive coordinator at the Sunnyland Sun Devils Peewee League in 1995, but Ive coached within the Mean Machines since 2017.

What made you say yes to the head coach job?
- I lost at rock, paper, scissors with our OC, coach Brunelle, haha. But deep down he knew I wanted the job.

What do you expect from the coming season?
- We expect that the U15 Mean Machine team will be highly competitive. We expect to be in the Duke’s finals and to finish in the top 2 spots in the regular season.

What will be the major challenges to reach where you want to go?
- The major challenges we will face reaching our goals for the season is: consistent attendance to practices, everyone staying healthy for the season, studying and learning of the playbooks and of course a 100 % effort by everyone on every play

What would you like to characterize a Mean Machines team and a Mean Machines player?
- The U15 Mean Machine team should be known for its Toughness, Tempo, Finish, Big Plays and Swag.
- The players should be known as champions because they carry themselves like champions all the time, they practice like champions, they study like champions, they train like champions, they play like champions and they make champions decisions. They understand this must be a daily process. They can’t pick and choose when they want to be like a champion. they have to do it now, later, and after that when no one is watching them.

What is going on in the coach team and the team right now?
- The team is currently in the middle of the offseason strength and conditioning program where the players are getting into the best shape of their lives so they can be elite level athletes this coming season. We are starting to ramp up towards the football portion of the offseason in the coming weeks.
- The offensive coaching staff of coach Brunelle, coach Jorquera and coach Malaxos have just finished making this coming seasons playbook which promises to be a lot of fun to run for the players and watch for the fans.
- The defensive coaching staff of coach Rahmings, coach Piñones-Arce, coach Prasopsin and coach Vitek have finished making the defensive playbook for the season which promises to be hard hitting, offense controlling, exciting to watch football.

When the 2020 season is over, what do you want you to have accomplished to be satisfied with the season that went on?
- The players football IQ being higher and them understanding the concepts of the game  we have used this season. The players being better athletes than when they began with us. The players understanding what it takes to be a champion no matter what they are doing in life. And a winning record.

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