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Mean Machines huvudtränare 2020: Norm Wyndham, U13

25 JAN 2020 16:33
"I expect the children to continue to buy into the total team concept and learn what it truly means to be a teammate." Huvudtränare för Mean Machines U13-lag kommer under säsongen 2020 vara Norm Wyndham.
  • Uppdaterad: 25 JAN 2020 16:33

Your past experience in American football and Mean Machines?
- I grew up playing American football. I joined my first organized team in late 1978 and I played through high school in Mississippi. While serving in the United States Armed Forces, I found different teams to play or coach for as well. I began coaching with Mean Machines M as the defensive coordinator and defensive line coach for the Superserien team during the 2015 season and became the head coach for U13 in 2017.

What made you say yes to the head coach job?
- I wanted to be the head coach for U13 because at the time I saw a need for a change at that level. I wanted the children to learn the fundamentals of the sport and have fun while they learn, develop and grow in the sport.

What do you expect from the coming season?
- I expect to be able to continue to develop all of my second-year players as well as those moving up from U11 for the coming season. We also hope to take all brand new players and get them caught up to speed with our "veterans". I expect the children to continue to buy into the total team concept and learn what it truly means to be a teammate.

What will be the major challenges to reach where you want to go?
- Having enough quality coaches to help is a major challenge. Every season we have a significant turnover in that department so it's like we're starting all over every season. Having enough quality coaches at this level is so important because we want to and need to be able to slow practices and other training events down enough to allow the information to absorb and take hold. My vision is and desire is that every position will have its own coach.

What would you like to characterize a Mean Machines team and a Mean Machines player?
- I characterize any football player as a teammate first, then as an individual position player. It takes all players working selflessly and tirelessly to create a successful atmosphere in which players and coaches can develop and evolve. The total team "buy-in" is of paramount importance.

What is going on in the coaching staff and the team right now?
- Right now, I'm looking to fill positions in the coaching staff so that we can give our players what they need and deserve, quality coaching at each position group so that our attention as coaches isn't too divided and we can truly help our young players learn this wonderful sport.
- The team itself is quite large and strong and their energy is high. The children all seem to be becoming friends and teammates already so early in the offseason training period and all new rookies are made to feel welcome and a part of the team as soon as they arrive.

When the 2020 season is over, what do you want you to have accomplished to be satisfied with how the season went?
- I want the same thing I have always wanted. I want for my players to be able to look at each other and truly e able to say that they each did their very best to help each other be successful. Not in terms of wins and losses or how many touchdowns someone scored or how many tackles someone made. I want them to know in their hearts that they gave their teammates 100% of themselves from start to finish. At every practice...during every game. That's how I define success.

Skribent: Peter Nilsson
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